HALLOWEEN: Send us your #pumpkinselfie pictures

Credit: Tim Wilson
Credit: Tim Wilson
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It’s nearly Halloween - and for many people that means the annual challenge of trying to create amazing pumpkins.

From the spine-tingling face carvings to the detailed seasonal creations, we love seeing the masterpieces people in the Portsmouth area come up with every year.

And to celebrate your hard work and artistic talent, we want you to send in pictures of your pumpkins - both during the carving process and of course the finished piece.

As part of #pumpkinselfies, you can us your snaps by sending a message to our Facebook page, tweeting us @portsmouthnews or emailing them to kieran.davey@jpress.co.uk.

Important note though- to make sure we know you have made the pumpkins yourself, we want to see at least one of you posing with your creation (preferably a selfie!) before sending it in.

Happy Halloween!