Having a survey carried out can save you a large amount of cash in long run

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By Ian Lee

Director at McAndrew Martin Chartered

Surveyors and twice past chairman of the

Portsmouth Property Association (PPA)

A QUESTION I regularly get asked when chatting to potential clients is: ‘Do I need a survey?’

As a surveyor, I am going to be biased but in reality it may be possible to recoup the initial cost of the survey due to minor items that are highlighted or more importantly if you don’t invest in one you may end up paying out even more money in the longer term!

It is important to always keep your feet on the ground when reading your report as one thing you will never find is a positive surveyor!

To put it another way you have found the roses, let the surveyor find the warts at the property!

I thought it would be a good idea to perhaps look at a recent example of a report that I carried out whereby the potential buyer saved around £1500, or to put it another way about four times the cost of their survey report.

Mr X decided to buy an older detached house which appeared to be in reasonably good condition.

Being a wise man, Mr X decided not to rely on the valuation report obtained for the mortgage lender.

An RICS Homebuyer report was carried out which made the recommendation that a further CCTV inspection of the drainage should be carried out.

This identified about £1500 worth of work which Mr X then managed to get the vendor to rectify prior to him purchasing the property.

This alone is just one example (and I could quote many others) where an independent survey report is good value for money and probably one of the best investments you will make.

As with all things it is important that you choose a local experienced surveyor who will also be aware of any local issues that need to be considered.

You really can not underestimate the value of local knowledge.

Ideally make sure that the surveyor you choose is a member of the Portsmouth Property Association (PPA).

Don’t also be afraid to ask them how long they have been practising within the Portsmouth and surrounding area as this is also very important. You can find the members by looking on portsmouthproperty.co.uk

The Portsmouth Property Association promotes and maintains the highest professional ethics and integrity amongst its members in the property services industry but also aims to create a positive image of Portsmouth and the surrounding area and encourage inward investment.

Once you have chosen your surveyor why not also check out their own company website as well, this will give a clear indication as to who you will be dealing with and the range of experience available within the firm.

By doing this not only will you be guaranteed a professional service but a local one as well.