28 great memories of Joanna’s

Joanna's nightclub
Joanna's nightclub
The 1935 Fleet Review with 157 major warships and 60 merchant vessels anchored at Spithead.

NOSTALGIA: A sight never to be seen again, the fleet lit up at Spithead

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It was the best-known nightclub in Southsea - celebrated the world over as The Royal Naval School of Dancing.

And 12 years after it closed, great memories remain of Joanna’s.

The Southsea night spot frequented by both servicemen and civvies opened in 1973 and was a huge favourite with its papier mache tree and glue-like carpet.

We asked readers of our Facebook page for their memories. Here’s a selection.

Michelle Cokell: I love Jo’s. I had the best nights out in there - so many happy memories!

Kim Carter: The smell! Will never forget that! And ‘door staff‘ on the ladies loos to referee cat fights!

Mick Davidson: Spanners, or Royal Naval School of Dancing, Portsmouth Branch. It was never that bright in there, folk used to wee up the tree, and the sticky beer sodden carpet.

Alan Preston: Joannas - all the birds dancing the NATO Shuffle!

Sarah Cruise: Best night club ever!

Carla Bufton: Brings back drunken memories!

Dave Coomber They finally took the tree away and replaced it with a post.So we climbed that instead!

Angela Proost: My old stomping ground. Plastic glasses! And the queues when the American sailors were in port!

Jacqui Munro: Stilettos embedded in the flooring!

Avril Webster: I moved from a wee village to Southsea. I went to Joanna’s and had my bag pinched twice.

Lyn Honess: Sticky floor but many a good night there

Nick Perry: I worked there and at 5th. Crazy, crazy people lol - fun times.

John Raper: I remember burger and chips near the back

Suzy Taylor: Good old Jo’s aka The Naval School of Dancing! Happy days

Maria Hilton: Met my wonderful husband there 22years ago.

Sue Bailey Fewings: Joanna’s - feet sticking to the floor, happy days!

Steve Wilson: I used that tree in 1990 - just before being ‘asked’ to leave! Amazing place!!!

Amanda Blake: Oh the pee tree!

Nicholas Gover: Had my first plastic glass there. Sticky floor and a tree ha ha what great memories

Elaine Dawtry: Brilliant night club

Rayleigh Tamla White: The place dad used to go on about lol

Faye Parker-Quaife: A night of drinking on Route Alpha ending in the Naval School of Dance

David Jeram: One time we went to that night club. We ‘watered’ the tree and got kicked out!

Colin Hodgkinson: I was kicked out for climbing the tree and peeing on the bouncers

Wendy Dillon: Yep sticking to the floor when standing too long lol

Steve Piercy: The place with the wet carpet 24/7

Martyn Merckel: Did it have stairs? Never touched one on the way out!

Clare Brazier: Joanna’s - happy days!

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