A Formidable sight which
we shan’t ever see again

HMS Formidable off Norway in  July 1944.
HMS Formidable off Norway in July 1944.
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When our two new aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales finally arrive in Portsmouth there will not be an aeroplane between them, as things stand currently.

So a spectacular sight such as that here might never be seen again.

This was the flight deck of HMS Formidable when she was off Norway in July 1944.

On her flight deck is a large complement of bombers preparing to take off to seek and destroy the German battleship Tirpitz.

Formidable ended the war in the Far East and was crash-dived by kamikaze suicide pilots on several occasions.

At the end of the war she repatriated many prisoners-of-war home to Briain.

She was scrapped in 1953 after an illustrious career.