All aboard Tessie for a mud-spattered cuppa

The mudlarking footballers in front of Tessie
The mudlarking footballers in front of Tessie
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Joan Hazel was delighted to see this picture of the Locks Sailing Club regatta and the mudlarks returning from their annual football match in the mud at Milton, Portsmouth.

She says: ‘The boat on the foreshore was called Tessie and was owned by my father Bernard Fountain.

‘We went to the regatta every year but in 1953 and 1954 he was stationed in Malta with the Royal Marines.

‘I am not sure who looked after her when he was away but I have happy memories of the regattas with the kettle constantly on the boil for all the many people who came on board and of course my sister and I always made sure he played football in the mud.

‘There were no nice warm showers available in those days, but a good hose down with cold water did the trick!’