All the best fish dress like city gent in Lake Road

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I have received a request from Margaret Sykes (née Walker) whose parents and grandparents used to run Walkers fish and chip shop in Lake Road, Portsmouth. It was number 149, by the traffic lights next to Coopers.

There was a painted advert on the wall of a fish wearing striped trousers, black coat and top hat carrying a walking stick. the caption read: ‘All the best fish goes to Walkers’.

But Margaret does not have a photograph of the shop and wondersif readers can help.

Her grandfather, George Edwin Walker, opened the shop in 1930 and his son, Margaret’s father, was needed to help in the shop as he was 14 and the eldest. George had a heart condition so her father was assisted by a younger brother who helped run the shop.

Margaret’s granddad ran away from home aged 14 with his 10-year-old brother. His father had remarried and they were not treated well by their stepmother. They had three half-brothers and a half-sister who were treated much better than the ‘adopted’ boys. Margaret doesn’t know why great granddad allowed it.

Grandad and his brother were taken in by a family called Grimshaw and he went to work for Youngs the fishmongers and worked in Youngs fish shop in Meadow Street, Portsmouth.

The shop was sold in 1962 when new housing was built and the customers disappeared. Coopers the butchers bought it for storage and the windows were changed and the sign painted out.

Margaret now lives in Cumbria and reads The News online.

I’d love to hear from anyone with old pictures of Lake Road showing the fish shop.