Banking on more closures

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No doubt you read of the closure of yet another three banks in The News circulation area.

What has brought this on I do not know or really care, for I have never been a bank person. Indeed, it was only when my employer started paying my wages straight into my bank account in 1985 that I was forced to open an account. Before that it was an under-the-mattress type of thing although I did have a savings account from school days. I kid you not. My wife dealt with everything financial.

Looking back to 1962, on Portsea Island alone there were eight Barclays branches, 15 Lloyds including three sub-branches, seven Midland branches and eight belonging to National Provincial.

There was also five Portsmouth Trustee Savings Banks and three Westminster Banks. That’s 46 banks just on Portsea Island not to mention several branches at Cosham, Portchester, Havant and Park Parade, Leigh Park.