Batman swoops to the rescue in 1976

RSPCA Inspector Peter Anderson with the bat.
RSPCA Inspector Peter Anderson with the bat.

Playing hosts to a bat got on the nerves of staff at the Pearl Insurance Office, Chichester, so they called in the RSPCA to remove the guest. 

The bat had been hanging around for a few days on a neon lighting fitment, and occasionally swooped about frightening staff. 

So the batman was sent for, in the form of RSPCA Inspector Peter Anderson, and he caught the animal, later releasing it in the woodland near Chichester. 

‘They are harmless really,’ said Mr Anderson, ‘it was the first one I had to deal with in Chichester. 

‘I have never known one to fly at a person or get tangled in their hair. I think what people get worried about is what they see in horror films.’

‘But they can give a nasty bite if you handle them,’ laughed Mr Anderson.