Bicycle under the stairs signalled a railway tradition

COR stock entering  Fratton Station in the 1960s.
COR stock entering Fratton Station in the 1960s.
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The picture above captures the transition of the railways from old to new back in the 1960s.

The front cars of the most comfortable of trains, a COR unit, has just passed the cameraman.

The railway flats to the rear have all been converted to modern standards and the waste ground to the right now houses the railway club hall.

The elongated X covers the new colour light signals which will make the semaphore signals on the lattice post redundant when commissioned.

To the left of Fratton bridge is the former Guards clothing factory.

Another signal gantry can be seen over the top of the bridge on the right.

The foot crossing has long since been done away with on health and safety grounds.

When a train approached, a very loud electric bell behind it would sound warning to platform staff.

Also here is the old Fratton West signal box alongside Goldsmith Avenue, which would soon be made redundant because of colour light signalling.