Button Boy’s scary view from the top

Terrifying ' the Button Boy's view from the top.
Terrifying ' the Button Boy's view from the top.
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A couple of years ago I wrote about the mast-manning at the boys’ naval training establishment HMS Ganges, near Ipswich.

I published some photographs of the button boy mounting the button 150ft up, standing to attention and saluting.

I have been sent this picture from Roy Taylor of Ipswich taken by the button boy standing on the button and looking down on the parade ground.

I must admit, in my time there I only reached the cowhorns/trestletrees where the two boys are just below the button.

Below them is the top gallant yardarm with the boys reaching out on either side.

Below them is the top-yard and below that the main-yard.

Completely dressed with all the young 15 to 16-year-old boys it was a sight to behold.