Can you remember class roll call when you were 10?

The reception class of St Jude's School, Southsea, in 1956
The reception class of St Jude's School, Southsea, in 1956
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Demure Clare Ash is the little girl in the blazer to the left of the teacher in this 1956 picture of the reception class at St Jude’s School, Southsea.

The teacher was a Mrs Gasparo, formerly Miss Drake, and the man in the back row is headmaster Mr Lucas.

Clare was sent the picture by Bob Clark, of Portsmouth, the brother of her oldest friend Geoff Clark who is third from the right at the back.

She would like help putting names to faces and these are those she can remember. Back row (l to r): Mr. Lucas, Paul Bernasconi, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Rosalind Doughty, Marion Haswell, Christine Agar, Linda Raymond, Geoffrey Clark, Martyn Pegg, Philip Drew.

Front: Christopher Larcombe, Lesley Price, Caryl Winsor, ?, Lena Collings, Clare Bayes, Mrs.Gasparo, Patrick Canipal, ?, Ann Cobie, Peter Knight?, Pauline West, Stuart Bailey, Paul Devine.

And these are the names from the register Clare can recall when she was about 10: Christine Agar, Clare Bayes, Lena Collings, Carol Crozier, Rosalind Doughty, Sharron Goodwin, Marion Haswell, Susan Holt, Mary Ireland, Linda Raymond, Jane Simpson, Pauline West, Caryl Winsor.

Boys: Patrick Canipal, Geoffrey Clark, Paul Devine, Philip Drew, Brian Hanley, John Hudson, Mark Kent, Christopher Larcombe, Gower Lloyd, Martyn Pegg, Roy Smith.