Church tower view of chimney

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Part of a wider picture of clippies at North End tram depot In Gladys Avenue, Portsmouth. I have counted 175 members of staff of which just 21 are men. Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: Hundreds of clippies replaced men who were called up

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A picture on December 29 showing the view from St Mary’s Church tower, Fratton, was seen by Robert Pragnell. I asked if anyone could identify the distant large chimney. He said: 'I think I have the answer. I looked at reprints of old Ordnance Survey street maps of the area. On the 1907 map, there is an ‘Electric Power Station’ in Vivash Street, close to the junction with Fratton Grove. This appears to coincide with the chimney in the photograph. 'On the 1896 map this is shown as a vacant site. On the 1931 map, the power station building is shown, but it is not referenced as a power station. Perhaps it only had a working life of 25 years or so and was disused by 1931?' n Does anyone remember when daffodils planted along Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, in the 1980s, bloomed to spell a naughty word? It appears the planters responsible were sacked and the bulbs arranged into more conventional planting. Were you one of those responsible? Love to hear from you. No names will be published... or the word.