Council cuts hit research

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A word of warning if you use Portsmouth Central Library.

I used to use the library’s historical department quite a lot. If, say, I wanted a street of addresses from a Kelly’s of 1934 or the names of ships I would take a photo of the page and then download it at home and peruse it at my leisure.

Unfortunately this cannot now be done.

I was in the library a few weeks ago and was told to put my camera bag with camera in a locker. I was then told if I wanted to take photographs of pages I would have to buy a licence.

Fair enough I thought. ‘How much is that then?’ I asked.

‘Ten pounds,’ the woman on the desk told me. ‘A day.’

I thought she was having a laugh but no, that is what it is now. To research any material a fee has to be paid for taking a photograph – even of a printed page without a picture on it.