Cup final ticket chaos when Pompey took on Wolves in 1939

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By beating Huddersfield 2-1 on March 23, 1939, Pompey reached the FA Cup Final where they faced Wolves on April 29 winning 4-1.

What is not so well known is the chaos caused when those cup final tickets went on sale at Fratton Park.

On April 13, 1939, the last batch of the tickets for the final became available and a queue started to form along Frogmore Road at 10.30pm the previous evening.

They were joined by a steady stream of people in the early hours and by 9.30am the queue extended along Goldsmith Avenue and up to Talbot Road. It was estimated there were 5,000 people in the queue.

At midday the crowd started to get angry at the speed the tickets were being sold and hundreds of people from the middle and end of the queue surged down Frogmore Road forming a mass outside the ground’s entrance. ‘We want Tinn, we want Tinn,’ the crowd demanded, a reference to the Pompey manager. Several women fainted.

The club stopped issuing tickets and the police were called. When they arrived at 12.45pm they forced their way to the front with some difficulty and a cordon of 20 officers guarded the gates to the ground.

Many supporters went home in disgust and shortly after a protest meeting was held in the Central Hall, Fratton, at which the Portsmouth Supporters’ Club asked a number of questions about the allocation of tickets.

Do any readers remember this incident or did any of you attend the meeting?