Daughter nominates dad for scruffiest man title

Mervyn 'Jim' Dove with his daughter Susan
Mervyn 'Jim' Dove with his daughter Susan
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Retired car salesman Mervyn Dove may have driven a posh BMW but he did not care much about street cred when it came to clothes.

It did not take much persuading for his daughter Susan to enter him for the British Clothing Industry Association’s scruffiest man competition.

Even his wife Rene’s desperate attempts to stop him wearing his well-loved and well-worn clothes by chopping off arms and legs failed.

Mervyn, 68, of Havant Road, Farlington – known to his friends as Jim – said: ‘I like certain clothes and I wear them ’til they drop.

‘I had a particular favourite pair of brown trousers in which the pockets were held together with drawing pins.

‘I went to wear them the other day and Rene had chopped a leg off,’ he added.

Exasperated Susan, 44, of Copnor Road, Copnor, said: ‘He has always had a tendancy to be scruffy but it’s not as if he can’t afford nice clothes.

‘The only time he dresses up is to see Pompey play.’