Day out on the buses of old

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There’s an open day at the City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot, Wicor Farm, Cranleigh Road, Portchester, on Monday, 10.30am-4.30pm. Admission free.

You’ll see vehicles under restoration and those given a new lease of life. There’ll be free bus rides. Only those with disabilities can park at the depot. Others should use a free bus service between Cosham railway station (10.15am and every half-hour until 3.30pm) and Portchester Red Lion (for free main car park).

•Along with Robert Hardy, Hywell Bennett and Richard Gordon we also recently lost Ty Hardin. Who?

I’m a big Western fan and Hardin was compulsive viewing on 1960s’ television as Bronco Layne. Remember the lyrics to the theme music?

I’ll show you a girl who’s kissed him once,

I’ll show you a girl who’s kissed him twice,

Once a girl has kissed him twice he’s dreamin’ of shoes and rice.

Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne.

Hardin is believed to have been married, wait for it, eight times!