Days when the Green Cross Code was a lifetime away at Denmead

Denmead Green at the turn of the last century.''
Denmead Green at the turn of the last century.''
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These two photographs of Denmead are separated by a century.

As you can see, the changes prove what a wonderful world it was back then.

The same scene today

The same scene today

The road leading off to the right from Denmead Green goes to Hambledon and Droxford.

It’s here we can see a horse and carriage slowly making its way along the lane.

Perhaps the driver was going for a pint at the White Hart pub which is behind the trees just to the front of the carriage.

To the left of the telegraph pole is Southwick Road, just a country lane back then of course.

The lane to the left with the high knapped flint wall protecting the garden is now Ashling Park Road.

A pond was located to the right protected by a wooden posted fence with iron rods.

No doubt the children of the day had a wonderful time when tadpole time came.

In the ‘now’ picture we can see the knapped wall has been demolished, the road set back and a new house built on the corner.

To the right, where the small pond once was, there is now a low knapped flint wall.

I wonder if the flints were salvaged from the wall on the left in the earlier photo?

One item that does stand out in today’s world is the ubiquitous red wheelie rubbish bin seen on the left.