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You may remember the house I was searching for called the Priory at Worlds End, near Denmead.

I received several replies but I also received a photo from Ken and Doreen Bryant. Unfortunately it is too fuzzy to use.

It is of Maurice John Pope who lived in Canada but who was born at the house in 1909.

Maurice came home some years ago to find the house where he was born.

Did anyone know of him when he lived there?

Margaret Goodwin, of Denmead, dropped me a line about another family who lived at the house – Charlie and Doris Briggs.

Charlie used to drive the horse-drawn bus later called the Denmead Queen. They both later worked for Southdown.

There was a photo of Charlie on the wall of the Mead End pub which has closed and been taken over by the Baptist church.

Does anyone have the original or a copy of this photograph?

On another note, where on earth did the name Worlds End come from?