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Were these huts a present from Barbados?
Were these huts a present from Barbados?
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In November I published this picture of huts on the common near the Queen’s Hotel, Southsea, where men who manned the anti-aircraft guns were billeted. After the war they were used by civilians until proper housing could be found.

I have just been researching another item and came across this little piece.

‘The City of Portsmouth and the anti-aircraft gunners defending the city, received handsome gifts from the island of Barbados.

‘The government and people of the island furnished recreation huts on two gun sites and the Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Company gave two ambulances to the city.

‘The gifts were formally handed over to the lord mayor and lady mayoress on December 2, 1941, when representatives of the island visited the area.’

I wonder if the huts in the photograph were the same huts generously given by the Barbadian people?