Gosport drunks

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A woman was found to be so drunk and incapable she could not remember swearing at a police constable in South Street, Gosport.

No, this was not a recent Friday or Saturday night’s shenanigans, but February 3, 1921.

According to a court report in the Evening News, when Constable Baker approached the woman she said to him ‘ ‘Ello ducky’.

He told her to go on her way, but she then swore at him.

PC Baker arrested her but the woman, Violet Robinson, decided to lie prostrate on the pavement and refused to stand up

When she appeared at Gosport Police Court, Robinson was released because she had been in custody for several days, but she had to pay costs.

Another woman who was drunk and disorderly in South Street was Fanny Reid.

She was described as a hawker and she too was charged with swearing and being abusive.

This time it was a PC Chandler who arrested her and the court was fined five shillings with four shillings costs. She claimed she was unable to pay so the court took a charitable view... and jailed her for seven days.