Happiest days of their lives – in sparkling new Horndean school

Form 3U in 1972/73
Form 3U in 1972/73
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Peter Colley is second from the right in the back row of this class picture.

Together, he and his 27 classmates comprised form 3U in 1972/73.

The first 6th form at Horndean School in 1976/77

The first 6th form at Horndean School in 1976/77

Two years previously they were among the first intake at the new, and small, Horndean Bi-Lateral School – now the huge Horndean Technology College.

In the second picture Peter is captured again, sixth from the left in the back row, in what had become the first sixth form at the school.

The photo was taken in 1976/77 and the male teacher in both photos is Mr Curran whom Peter describes as ‘a wonderful man and wonderful teacher’.

In September 1970 the school threw open its doors to 180 11-year-olds and 11 staff. Now, nearly 46 years later, Peter is organising a reunion for that intake, any late joiners to that original year and staff who taught there between 1970 and 1977.

The reunion is at the school on February 20 and for tickets and further details contact Peter via peter_d_colley@tiscali.co.uk or Susanne Ings at soo.slings@ntlworld.com.