Have you heaved The News today? Oh boy, that’s heavy

The front page of The Evening News 69 years ago today
The front page of The Evening News 69 years ago today
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How many old paper boys and girls remember their newspaper round?

Eddy Amey, of Northwood Square, Fareham, had one in Chatsworth Avenue, Cosham, in 1946.

He recalls: ‘In those days most houses took a morning and evening paper, frequently two or three on Sunday.

‘My round was listed in a notebook which I eventually memorised so the correct paper would be extracted from the bag by recognising the different typefaces.’

Of course, there were more papers than now, with defunct publications such as the News Chronicle, Daily Herald, Daily Sketch and Daily Worker.

Eddy adds: ‘The Portsmouth Evening News was a broadsheet and for my delivery round I had to ask the newsagent for six score and eight (128) copies.

‘Most evenings we could wangle a couple of extra copies which would be sold in the street to men returning from work.

‘They would stop you to buy a copy in order to see the latest stop-press horse racing results.

‘Sunday deliveries were even heavier and I used to have to do two trips. Virtually every customer had more than one paper from a varied selection which would have included the Sunday Pictorial, Reynolds News and News of the World.

‘For all this work the princely sum of seven shillings and sixpence per week (37.5p) was paid, yet still there was a waiting list for rounds.’