Help solve the riddle of the two George Benjamin Wells

The two George Benjamin Wells
The two George Benjamin Wells
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Ray Wells is a member of the Wells family who built the 1838 Portsmouth Town Hall and owned many homes in old Landport, including Wells Street.

They were a Victorian family of carpenters, masons and builders and very much a Portsmouth family since 1798.

Ray has recently discovered an old photo (right) purporting to be of George... but which one? His great grandfather or his grandfather?

They were both called George Benjamin.

Great grandfather George is a mystery to Ray’s part of the Wells line.

George died in 1955 at 140, St Mary’s Road, (pictured below), in ‘an old people’s home’, otherwise known as the former workhouse. His son Thomas John Wells registered the death.

Ray, as a family historian, would like to know the story of his great grandfather, warts and all, and wonders if there is anyone in the greater Wells family or the families of the Samways, Pulloms or Knights (his grandmother’s line), Poupards and Brophys who could help.

Ray adds: ‘My cousins and I, many of whom were teenagers when great grandfather was still alive know nothing about him and even with the two pictures we have we are not sure which George Benjamin Wells is in them.

‘I have more than 50 Wells contacts around the world and am unofficial historian and tree builder for the greater east Hampshire Wells family (originally from Selborne, circa 1640) and UK contact for The Wells Association which is based in the United States.

‘We would just like to find someone who can help fill in his story.’

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