Holidaying with the pound

Exchange rates in The News on June 6, 1985.
Exchange rates in The News on June 6, 1985.
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Do you remember the days when we went abroad and looked in The News to find out how much foreign money we would get for our pound? This was long before the Euro changed the world of course.

Here we see the exchange rates from the paper of June 6, 1985. I used to visit Berlin quite a bit in those days and it was usual to receive about three Deutschmarks to the pound so I must have been quite well off to find I was getting nearly four.

France always reckoned to give 10 francs for a pound so 11.68 would have been a bonus as well.

Italy was always an oddity, perhaps that’s why I only passed through on my train travels. With 2,445 lire to a pound I always wondered how on earth people could work out their budget. Change £100 and you were an Italian millionaire.