If those Portsmouth steps could speak, what memories they’d have

From the Guildhall steps.
From the Guildhall steps.
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If the 125-year-old steps of the Guildhall, Portsmouth, could speak, what a wealth of this city’s social history they could recall.

The photograph above was taken from that famous old ceremonial staircase after the Guildhall was wrecked in the blitz of January 10, 1941.

But life had to continue despite the carnage across the city.

The building was fenced off although the photographer, possibly one from The Evening News, managed to get behind it to capture this view of the old Guildhall Square which will bring back countless memories for so many of you.

Across the square the Sussex Hotel was still serving and Smarts the furnishers was still giving customers four years’ hire purchase agreements.

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if a customer had taken them up on their offer and we had lost the war.