Is David Cameron the most hated politician of the decade? – Blaise Tapp

Is former prime minister David Cameron the most maligned man of the decade?
Is former prime minister David Cameron the most maligned man of the decade?
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As a self-opinionated journalist, the words ‘I am very sorry, I was wrong’ are hard for me to come by. 

However, it is incumbent upon me to hold up my hands and admit that all of my 2019 predictions have been proved to be wildly inaccurate.

My claim Theresa May’s political career would come to an end before the binmen took the Christmas tree away was wide off the mark.

Then there was the assertion Radio 2 would never again be played in the car at home time once Sara Cox took over the mic. But I have been won over by her goofy word gymnastics.

And we should draw a line under my unwavering pre-Yuletide belief Pompey would be pretty much promoted by the end of January.

These are all comparatively minor blips when you compare it to my long held view that if I had a bit more extra cash in my pocket then life would seem that much rosier.

It seems that this view, shared by almost everybody who has to put a tie or a skirt on to go to work, is now as outdated as my DVD library when you consider the latest data compiled by the killjoys who work at the Office for National Statistics.

Despite a sky-high number of people in work and rising levels of spending power our national sense of well-being has stalled.

Our centrally-funded number-crunchers have been measuring our feelings ever since they were instructed to do so by David Cameron – the man in pole position for the title of Most Maligned Politician of the Decade.

Our Dave was keen that statistics were compiled on how happy people were and whether or not they thought life was worthwhile. This was introduced in 2010 and on the face of it, it would make sense for any government to focus on measurables other than financial success, given what happened to the global economy in 2008.

The fact people don’t feel any happier, even though life is comfortable for so many of us, merely serves to confirm the adage that there is more to life than money.

As I am clearly a lousy pundit, but I cannot see us becoming happier bunnies this year. There is every chance I will be wrong. Let’s hope so.