Little weeds at Fratton Park

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You will have read of the problems with the pitch at Fratton Park in the final months of last season and the re-seeding of the pitch for the start of the new one.

Back in 1948 Fratton groundsman Harold Reed was also getting frustrated. Not at the lack of greensward, which was lush after a very wet summer, but because of weeds.

It appears the pitch was inundated with plantain and crabgrass. ‘The broad-leaved weeds get flattened when the roller passes over them and then they pass under the mower blades.’ Harold complained.

‘I have re-seeded the goalmouth areas and that corner of Frogmore Road which supporters continue to walk over and all is coming on well,’ he reported.

There was to be a pre-season Olympic international to be played at Fratton Park and Harold was happy that all would be well as he had attended a Football Association green-keeping course and hopefully found a way to overcome the weed problem.