Memories needed of Scalextric factory

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The Minimodels factory at Fulflood Road, Havant, was the production centre for all Scalextric car racing sets.

Built by the Tri-ang company, which was founded by the three Lines brothers, the racing car sets were made from start to finish at the factory.

There was a tool shop, moulding shop, spray shop and lines of women putting the complete sets together.

The sets then went into the warehouse where they were packed three to a box before being stacked awaiting delivery to hundreds of outlets all over the country.

The factory also produced a toy gun called Johnny Seven. It could fire plastic bullets, launch a grenade, was fitted with a bayonet and four other useful items for battle use which I have forgotten.

Robert Learmouth is researching Minimodels and the electric car racing system and would like to talk to any of the former workers whether they were shop floor, production or management.

If you have memories of your time at the factory, which closed in 1970, please contact him on