Memories of Upper Mount all the way from Canada

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Caroline Adams of Alberta, Canada, found my article and photograph of Upper Mount School on The News website (

She was born at Waterlooville and remembers the school well in the days when the town was referred to as ‘the village’ where her father was a pharmacist.

She was born there in 1938 and attended Upper Mount School from about 1942 to 1945.

Caroline says: ‘I walked daily to and from the school and had friends who lived in Winifred Road. I remember Miss Hooper and Miss Smythe.’

The school was on the corner of Winifred Road and London Road, the old A3.

She adds: ‘There were additional classrooms at the bottom of the grounds on Winifred Road. I remember some other pupils, Benita Kent, Charles Vivian, Alan Borrow and others.’ She added that the uniform was green.

She was happy enough there but can remember the awful school dinners – greasy stew and fish and chips which put her off fish for life.

Everyone sat around a big dining table with Miss Hooper.

Caroline says she received a good basic education and remembers spending some lessons learning to write by copying from picture cards with stories on them. ‘A skill that does not exist now,’ she says sadly.

She transferred to the Convent of the Cross (Oaklands) when she was seven. Her father was a firm believer in education for girls as well as boys and the convent was recommended to him.

When he told Miss Hooper she was leaving, she said if it was Caroline’s soul he was concerned about, all well and good, but as for education...

She was obviously not impressed with the convent’s standards.

Any old school friends of Caroline’s who would like to contact her can e-mail her at