NOSTALGIA: No bath for 10 weeks

The Royal Pier Hotel, now Rees Hall.
The Royal Pier Hotel, now Rees Hall.
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This picture of the Royal Pier Hotel, Southsea, now the University of Portsmouth’s Rees Hall brought back memories for Jacky Percival, of Gosport.

She says: ‘When I was at Portsmouth Poly in the early 1970s it was the only hall of residence for first years. Everybody else had to crowd into B&B accommodation.

‘I had a top floor room with a tiny dormer window so it was always dark. I roomed with two girls who shared a double bed.

‘There was nowhere to work so we did our studying and writing on our beds.

‘A friend of mine was famous for not having a bath for 10 weeks and had to go to Rees Hall to get clean as the digs to which she was assigned had a bathroom but no bathroom door.

‘I don’t think this was unique: accommodation was scarce. Everybody wanted a room in Rees Hall, and the authorities didn’t seem particularly bothered by the upset this all caused. Happy days!’