Notorious Portsmouth housing estate which lasted only 20 years

Portsdown Park development being demolished in 1988.
Portsdown Park development being demolished in 1988.
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In 1964, 21 acres on the slopes of Portsdown Hill were taken for a massive development which would be called Portsdown Park.

There were to be 523 homes, or ‘units’ as they were called.

The notorious development was started in 1968, but by 1969 there was a difficulty with the contract and in 1970 water penetration problems were encountered.

The city council blamed the contractors and faulty workmanship and the contractors were required to remedy the problem.

In December 1972 the original contractors withdrew and another taken on.

By 1974 the water problem was still not resolved and the residents suffered for another 14 years until the problem became so bad that everyone was moved out.

In 1988 the entire estate was demolished and the houses we see today built on the land.