Overwhelming crowds in the streets for royal visit

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On Monday evening of July 15, 1935, King George V arrived with entourage at Cosham railway station.

Accompanying him were his sons, the Prince of Wales,the Duke of York and the Duke of Kent. They had come once again to Portsmouth for a Review of the Fleet in celebration of the King’s Silver Jubilee.

King George had himself served in the Royal Navy serving in 11 different ships, commanding three of them.

The celebrations in the city were, as ever for a visit of royalty, overwhelming.

The route the royal entourage cars took led them down London Road, Kingston Road, Fratton Road and possibly down Victoria Road North and Elm Grove.

The cheering crowds that gathered for the five miles along brightly-coloured streets to the dockyard were such that when the King said goodbye to the mayor he told him: ‘The number amazed me.

‘I have driven many times through London and I know what crowds are, but I have never seen people more densely packed on a route such as this through Portsmouth.’