Pub ‘shots’ meant something different

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I wonder if any of you can remember a pub in Landport called the Gunners Arms in Gunner Street?

Lynda Ibbotson would like to know something of the pub as her grandparents John and Mary White nee Croker used to run it.

Lyn tells me she has tried to find something about the pub as it used to have a rifle range in the back rooms.

Rich Collins who runs the Pompey Pubs website tells me the pub was situated on the south-east corner of Gunner Street and Terwick Street just south of where Lake Road Health Centre is now located.

It was part of a small estate belonging to Elm Brewery owned by a John Miles in the late 19th century. It was taken over by Portsmouth United Breweries in 1896 and subsequently by Brickwoods. It was demolished in 1971 along with most of the Lake Road area for redevelopment.

Can you remember the pub and its rifle range at all? Please let me know.