Rehoused in a Havant hut

The Thorpe family.
The Thorpe family.
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Former naval camps at Bedhampton and Havant were used for Baltic states’ refugees after the navy had moved out and then used by civilians until homes were built.

Many housed at HMS Daedalus III were bombed-out Portsmouth people who had lived in shared rooms after the blitz. They were thankful for their own space, even it was a Nissen hut.

The old Fleet Air Arm camp was used until the early ’50s when homes on the new Leigh Park estate were built.

This is Dave Thorpe’s picture of his mum and aunt outside one of the huts. Back left is mum Joan holding Christine. On the right is his aunt Ivy with Evonne. Front left is Dave’s late sister Maureen and, right, is Dave aged four.