Saturday afternoons are not the same

Peter Dimmock.
Peter Dimmock.
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Do you remember the days when sport was not dominated by big money and footballers travelled to work on the bus?

It was a wonderful time for television with the likes of presenters Peter Dimmock and David Coleman.

The first television sports programme from 1950 was called simply, Sports, and was introduced by Max Robinson.

Then came many viewers’ favourite, Sportsview, introduced by Peter Dimmock which began in 1954.

From 1957 to 1962 there was Junior Sportsview introduced by Spurs’s Danny Blanchflower and Billy Wright of Wolves.

From 1956 to 1961 we had Sports Special introduced by Cliff Michelmore, David Coleman and Kenneth Wolstenholm. Then came the best Saturday sports programme ever from 1958 to 2009, Grandstand.

The first two programmes were introduced by Dimmock and then David Coleman made it his own.

A full afternoon of sport with horse racing, golf, athletics, rugby league with Eddie Waring and the half-time scores. Who can forget the teleprinter bashing out the football results and Len Martin reading the classified version at 5pm?

ITV tried to compete with World Of Sport introduced by Eamonn Andrews.

In my opinion he was the best radio boxing commentator ever. Who can forget the Brian London/Henry Cooper fight in January 1959?

There was also Dickie Davies, previously known as Richard when he used to read the Southern news, and later our very own Fred Dinenage.

The programme was famous for covering ‘sports’ such as barrel-jumping, tenpin bowling, stock car racing and weightlifting, but everyone’s favourite was wrestling with Kent Walton.

Lovely days. All gone now.