Singing along to something simple

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For those of us who grew up with limited television access, the radio was all we had to keep abreast of music of the age.

This was of course when all we had was the Light Programme, Home Service and the Third Programme. Radio Luxembourg was the station to listen to in the evenings especially Sundays at, as I remember, 10pm for the Top Twenty Show.

The Light Programme’s shows had many signature tunes which became as popular as any pop music of the times. I wonder how many of you remember Sing Something Simple on Sunday evenings? This featured the Cliff Adams Singers with Jack Emblow on accordion. The programme ran for 42 years from 1959 until 2001 when Adams died.

‘It’s five o clock and time for Sports Report’ and as Raymond Glendenning was the first presenter back in 1948 I assume it was he who announced it followed immediately by Out Of the Blue. The signature tune has been in almost constant use and can still be heard on 5 Live.

Another Sunday tradition in everyone’s house must have been Two (later Three) Way Family Favourites, a family show with requests from forces abroad introduced by Cliff Michelmore and his wife Jean Metcalfe.

The signature tune was With a Song In My Heart which everyone sang along to.

You’ll be pleased to know Cliff is now 96 and living at South Harting.