Southsea’s Guinness the genius dog to the rescue in 1986

Crime-fighting Guinness from Southsea.
Crime-fighting Guinness from Southsea.

Guinness – the hero border collie – rounded up two muggers, bit them, sent them fleeing for their lives and saved a pensioner’s valuables. 

It was all too easy for the muggers who attacked a frail 77-year-old Southsea pensioner as she walked in broad daylight in Parkstone Avenue, Southsea. 

One pinned down her arm while the other grabbed her handbag – and off they ran as the distraught pensioner tried to hopelessly chase after them. 

The robbers leapt over a garden wall to escape and landed in Guinness’ garden. Guinness knew just what to do with intruders – he went straight on the attack, barking, snarling and biting ankles and legs. 

Guinness’ owner Catherine Edwards said: ‘He won’t let any intruder into the garden. As soon as I heard him going mad I knew something was out there. 

‘I rushed out as the two fellows jumped over the wall. Then the lady came up and we looked around the garden for her handbag. We found it because the robbers had dropped it as Guinness went for them.’