The café waiting for The Beatles to take it by storm

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H ere we see two shots of the location of the Savoy Café, later the Savoy Ballroom. Between then and now it has altered out of all recognition, and with the building of retirement homes the landscape will have altered for ever.

In the 1920s picture, the canopy of South Parade Pier remains intact to the right, although the people, all dressed up and smart, have changed to modern dress.

The same scene  today.

The same scene today.

I would imagine it was quite a chilly day as everyone seems to be wearing warm coats.

Deck chairs, once so much part of the scene along the esplanade have also long gone.

Tram wires are the order of the day, with a tram approaching to the left of the pier’s canopy which will then turn right down Clarendon Road.

I am sure that if the residents of the area knew that within half a century four mop-headed lads from Liverpool would take the Savoy by storm there would have been letters to the paper.

To the far side of the Savoy is an apartment block that would also have a change of use and become Joanna’s disco.

In the same scene today everything is erased from the mind’s eye. The Royal Beach Hotel has all its western bedrooms open to the light whereas before they were hidden by Joanna’s.

The pier’s canopy remains the same and the smart saloon cars of the 1920s are replaced by the ubiquitous white van.