The high point of my childhood

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As we all know Portsea Island is made for cyclists as there are few gradients of any kind.

As a boy I was always told the highest point on the island was the roundabout outside the old bus depot at Eastney at the junction of Eastney Road, Highland Road and Henderson Road.

I was then given a copy of The Story of Portsmouth published before 1935.

One chapter, Nature Notes on Portsea Island, was written by EH White who was assistant master at Milton Council School.

He tells us the following facts: the island is uniformly flat and low-lying for no part reaches a height of 25ft.

The following levels are above ordinary spring tides: Kingston Cross (the highest natural level) 21ft; Cambridge Junction 10ft; Albert Road by the Kings Theatre 2ft; Green Posts, nine feet, and North End by Gladys Avenue junction, 17ft.

The highest point on Portsea Island is the top of Fratton railway bridge which is 23.9ft. This is, however, an artificial level.

So there we have it then, stand on Fratton railway bridge and you are overlooking everyone on Portsea Island.