The Portsmouth pub without a rifle range inside

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Remember The Gunners Arms which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? The pub which apparently had a rifle range inside it.

That piece was seen by a reader called Sally who says she was born just around the corner from the Gunners in Timpson Road, next door to The Kingfisher Arms.

She asked her dad if he could remember a rifle range in The Gunners but I’m afraid he couldn’t. Sally’s old granddad Joe sometimes went to the Gunners instead of the Kingfisher. Sally and her sister would push open the door to reveal that wonderful pub smell and he would send out lemonade and Smith’s crisps containing the blue twist of salt. Later they would return the bottle for tuppence.

Janet Bailey tells me her late grandparents brought up their family of five in a tiny two-up, two-down in Gunner Street with outside toilet and no bath. They had actually moved from number 94 to number 64 as it was bigger!

Janet says she cannot imagine just how small number 64 was.

Having said that, her family memories were all happy especially when crowded into the small lounge.

Janet can remember Brigdens opposite the Gunners Arms and the milkman coming round with his horse and cart. The horse stopped outside the Gunners and the milkman popped in for a quick pint.

Janet ended by saying she can remember the Gunners Arms as being very small and cannot imagine how there was a rifle range inside or outside of the building.