THIS WEEK IN 1971: Gosport schools’ plight is ‘horrifying’

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After describing the number of temporary classrooms in Gosport schools as ‘horrifying’, a Gosport councillor claimed the borough was not getting its fair share of school-building.

Councillor JA Hern told the council: ‘The future of our town depends on our children.

‘I feel we are not giving them a fair deal.’

He was referring to a report by the borough education officer which said there were 59 temporary classrooms at the town’s four secondary schools and a further 90 at the 17 primary schools.

He said: ‘This situation is horrifying.

‘In the past five years, the population has gone up by 7,000.

‘We should get across to the Department of Education that this rapidly growing borough is not getting its fair share of school-building.