THIS WEEK IN 1975: Worries over pupils’ lunchtime drinking

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Lunch-hour drinking by schoolchildren in Havant was causing particular concern to the borough’s magistrates.

At an annual licensing meeting, the chairman of the licensing committee EH Guy paid particular attention to the problem.

He said: ‘There is undoubted evidence that young people, under the age of 18, are arriving at school for the afternoon sessions having consumed alcohol.

‘There would appear to be no evidence at present as to the source of supply – which may be one of the many possibilities, such as a public bar, an off-licence, club premises, or even the young persons’ homes.

‘It is, however, a matter which concerns us and the school authorities greatly, and we ask all holders of Justices’ Licences, be they public houses, off-licences, or clubs, to pay the strictest possible attention to the age of prospective purchasers.

‘It is a very difficult subject at this time in the sense that many of the young people are not readily identifiable as of a certain age.

‘However we would ask you to treat this request with the greatest seriousness,’ he added.