THIS WEEK IN 1985: Furious police rap secret tactics leak

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Portsmouth police chiefs were ‘furious’ when a police magazine revealed all their secret tactics used to combat the organised gang behind Pompey’s football violence.

Chief Superintendent John Harrison, the head of Hampshire’s eastern police division, who compiled the report, was astounded it had appeared in Police magazine.

‘It was an internal police report and I certainly did not write it for the benefit of this magazine,’ he said.

The report appeared anonymously in the magazine.

It revealed hand-picked officers, able to identify the ringleaders of the ‘6.57 crew’ said to be behind years of football aggro, travelled to away matches to point out the gang’s members to local forces.

The report said: ‘Portsmouth supporters became known as some of the worst troublemakers in the football league but, when analysed, it could be clearly seen the majority of the problems surrounded this particular group.’

Called the ‘6.57 crew’ because they normally travelled to away matches on the 6.57 train, the group was said to have had a hard core of up to 50 hooligans, with another 150 in its ‘fringe element’.