THIS WEEK IN 1985: Portsmouth couple must wait in anguish

A building in Mexico City in ruins after the earthquake in 1985
A building in Mexico City in ruins after the earthquake in 1985
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An anguished Paulsgrove couple did not know whether their daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren were alive or dead in a Mexican earthquake disaster.

At least 3,000 people had died, and thousands more injured, in an earthquake which devastated Mexico City and other parts of the country, exactly 32 years ago, to the day, as the earthquake that devastated the country that week.

John Anderson and his wife Maisie spent a sleepless night frantically trying to get news from the Mexican embassy in London.

But all they were told by officials was it could be days before communications were restored in Mexico City.

The Andersons’ daughter, Rosalinda, 38, her husband Mario Rogas and their sons Stephen, seven, and Kevin, four, were living in Mexico City so Mr Rogas could further his career as a biologist.

Mr Anderson, 67, said: ‘It is a terrible feeling not being able to find anything out. I have never felt so ill – I would rather go through a war than this.

‘The airport in Mexico City is closed, but if I could get a flight I would be on it now, even if I had to borrow the money.’