THIS WEEK IN 1987: Mystery anchors dumped in field become ‘tourist attraction’

George Davey and one of the mystery anchors
George Davey and one of the mystery anchors
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Bemused residents were mystified over the arrival of the Portsmouth area’s latest maritime ‘tourist attraction’... in a farmer’s field at Bedhampton.

Two giant iron and wooden anchors, both at least 20-foot high and encrusted with barnacles, were dumped in the field near the A3(M).

‘They are just incredible,’ said 66-year-old George Davey, of Auriol Drive, who came across the anchors while walking his dog.

‘Occasionally, you get mattresses and rubbish dumped near here – but never anything like this.

‘Everyone round here is intrigued.

‘They are not the sort of things that just fall off the back of a lorry – they must be very old and may be valuable,’ he added.

The anchors dwarfed sightseers, who started to call at the field off Havant Road to see the unusual Portsmouth maritime heritage attraction.

Helena Stokes arrived home to discover the anchors towering over her garden wall.

‘So many people have been along to see them, we are thinking of charging,’ she said.

Havant police said they would inspect the anchors, but it was unlikely they would fit into their lost property office.