THIS WEEK IN 1988: Cabbie was beaten to death in a frenzy

A polcie control vehicle outside the victim's house
A polcie control vehicle outside the victim's house
The Coronation all lit up. A passing trolleybus gives it some scale.

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A Gosport man was battered to death in a brutal attack in his own home.

The murder came two months after taxi driver Robert Heslam was beaten up.

Friends and neighbours said Mr Heslam, 59, was a ladies’ man who may have had several women friends.

Gosport police launched a murder inquiry after his battered body was found in his front room by a female visitor.

Mr Heslam had suffered severe head injuries and was believed to have been beaten to death with a heavy object.

Home Office pathologist Bill Kennard carried out a post-mortem examination on the body at Gosport War Memorial Hospital to establish the cause of death.

Mr Heslam’s home was sealed off as forensic experts examined the property.