THIS WEEK IN 1990: News brings George and Gordon together

Half borthers Gordon, left, and George Gower
Half borthers Gordon, left, and George Gower
The Coronation all lit up. A passing trolleybus gives it some scale.

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A picture in The News united two brothers who did not know each other existed.

Two years before, George Gower, 66, of Cosham, was working as a warder at the Royal Marines Museum, Eastney. He was pictured in The News when the museum was presented with a medal for display.

A distant family relative, Jackie Hayes, of Copnor, sent the picture to Australia. From there it was sent along various branches of the family tree to New Zealand and Gordon Gower, 41, found out for the first time in his life he had a half-brother living in England.

George’s father, also called George, had left his first family in 1936. He later re-married and with his new wife, Nan, had a son, Gordon, who was born in London just before the family emigrated to New Zealand in 1949.

George knew nothing about his father’s new family, and Gordon was told nothing about his father’s previous life in Portsmouth.

As soon as Gordon realised the truth he contacted George and they eventually arranged a visit.

Gordon said: ‘The meeting has been absolutely amazing for me.’