THIS WEEK IN 1991: A flotilla drops into Portsmouth Harbour

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Ships from six countries arrived in Portsmouth at the end of an eight-month-long NATO exercise in the north Atlantic.

Among the flotilla was the frigate HMS Campbeltown, on which Prince Andrew was a helicopter pilot.

Accompanying Campbeltown were HNLMS Van Kinsbergen, from the Netherlands, USS Pharris, from the USA, HNOMS Stavanger, from Norway, HMCS Margaree, from Canada, and FGS Lubeck, from Germany.

Five of the crew, pictured on page 21, created a stir when they appeared on deck in fancy dress.

Nick Cheshire, ‘Tazz’ Tarry, Stuart Thomas, Dave Turner, and ‘Buck’ Rogers had donned their costumes as part of an end-of-voyage celebration.