THIS WEEK IN 1991: Baby Ryan defies 1,000-to-one odds

jpns 090618 retro''Mum - Patricia Minter with four-day-old Ryan
jpns 090618 retro''Mum - Patricia Minter with four-day-old Ryan
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A woman warned she stood only a thousand-to-one chance of having the child she had dreamed of was cuddling her bouncing baby boy.

Doctors at St Mary’s Hospital, Milton, had warned Patricia Minter, 42, her sterilisation reversal operation was highly unlikely to result in the baby which she and her husband yearned.

But little Ryan Luke defied the odds when he weighed in at the hospital at a healthy 8lb 2oz.

Trish decided she wanted a baby after marrying John Minter 18 months before.

She already had four grown up children from a previous marriage.

But doctors who supervised her sterilisation reversal told her the chances of having another baby were a thousand-to-one.

Trish first found out she was pregnant during routine tests at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

Doctors said it was a miracle she became pregnant.

John, 46, said Ryan was a healthy little boy with a terrific set of lungs.

‘It all went so well. If I had spent a million pounds I could not have bought my wife anything like the care she got at St Mary’s.’