THIS WEEK IN 1991: Jailed woman battles Home Office ruling

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A woman jailed 12 years previously for the murder of a Portsmouth pensioner was trying to overturn a Home Office ruling that she should not be freed.

Catherine Grant, who with two other women throttled and repeatedly stabbed their 90-year-old victim, was given leave in the High Court to challenge the decision.

One of her accomplices, Joan Stanley, who was released in August 1990, joined her call and said: ‘She has served her time.’

Grant, of Waverley Road, Southsea, was 19 when she, Stanley and Lorraine Greenwood were jailed for the savage killing of Agnes Jervis .

Detectives described it as ‘frenzied and bizarre, without apparent motive’.

On the night of the murder Grant put a length of wire around Miss Jervis’ throat and all three took turns to stab her in the neck.

Grant and Stanley – who was 22 at the time– were jailed for life.

Greenwood – who was 17 and living with Stanley – was ordered to be detained indefinitely.

At the trial Stanley said she did it because she thought Miss Jervis was abusing her grandmother who lived in the same block of flats.